Dafne Schippers tournament director European Athletics Indoor Championships 2025

Dafne Schippers (photo: BSR agency/ Joris Verwijst)

In exactly 365 days, the European Athletics Indoor Championships will come to Omnisport in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. The organisation just announced former world class athlete Dafne Schippers as tournament director. Ticket sales for this internationally highly regarded indoor athletics event, with the theme Moving People, has started from 9 am today. The very latest news is that, at the time of publication, all regular tickets for Saturday and Sunday evening sessions have already been sold out.

Dafne Schippers is honoured. In September 2023, the two-time world champion announced she was retiring from top-level athletics. Now six months later, it is time for another big new challenge. Schippers will be tournament director of the European Athletics Indoor Championships in 2025.

“I have given myself a year to discover what I want for now and where I will get new energy from. I think it’s great to stay involved in this world, athletics is in my heart. “This task is really a huge honour. At half an hour drive from home, this kind of huge European Championships in my own country; I’m really looking forward to that.”

“As a child I had to be dragged inside when I was playing outside, so I think it is very important that children exercise more and that I can hopefully contribute to that; in my opinion, that can be improved.”

Saturday and Sunday evening sessions sold out

Exactly one year before the start of the competition, the race has begun for athletics fans to buy their tickets for the European Athletics Indoor Championships Apeldoorn 2025. Available regular tickets for Saturday and Sunday evening sessions are sold out. Keep an eye on social media for updates on tickets. All regular tickets are on sale via www.apeldoorn2025.com.

The event

From 6 to 9 March 2025 Omnisport Apeldoorn will be the centre of spectacular athletics and the Netherlands will turn orange again for a fantastic elite sports event! An unforgettable experience where only the best European athletes come together to compete for European indoor titles. It promises to be a four days full filled Omnisport stadium with no doubt lots of sport spectacle and an unforgettable orange experience, as it can only be held in the Netherlands.

Moving People and social activation

The ambition of the European Athletics Indoor Championships in 2025 is to create an unforgettable and inspiring event under the motto “Moving People” and to further position the sport of athletics among the young and old. The event delivers a social activation program get people moving responsible, including a running event to promote the sport and additionally make the connection with the huge number of runners we have.

We are not only aiming for a new standard in quality and experience, but we also want to create awareness of vitality and social bonding in Europe: inspiring the youth and protecting the elderly against loneliness. In 2025, the Netherlands will organize a four-day elite sports party in a full Omnisport, including various side events which will be embraced by all the Dutch fans so that Europe will experience the specific famous orange atmosphere again. Moving People is our mission and motto. The event offers the opportunity to bring the sport closer to the people, to make innovative ideas in sport a reality and to make an impact in society by getting and keep people moving responsibly.

Helga Witjes, deputy sports commissioner of the Province of Gelderland sees many advantages of having such a major international tournament in the province.

“We look forward to welcoming Europe’s best athletes to our province in exactly one year’s time. A major international sports event is so much more than just the performances of top athletes. It really brings people together and provides fun. Through an extensive program of activities, we get our residents moving in the run-up to the event. Activities in which everyone can participate. This is how we put Gelderland even more on the map as the sports province of the Netherlands.”

Sunita Biharie, councilor for sports at the municipality of Apeldoorn: “We are very proud that the European Indoor Athletics Championships will take place here in Apeldoorn, in Omnisport next year! Athletics is super versatile, and our side-event program will certainly be too. In addition to sports, we also have an eye for cultural and social activities and an eye for all the different target groups in our city.”

For more information about the European Athletics Indoor Championships Apeldoorn 2025: www.apeldoorn2025.com

Ticket sales: https://shop.ticketing.cm.com/apeldoorn2025/

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