Apeldoorn secures bid for the 2025 European Athletics Indoor Championships

Munich – The European Athletics Indoor championships are coming to Apeldoorn in 2025. This news was announced this afternoon during the council meeting of European Athletics in Munich. The allocation of this tournament is a wonderful recognition of the performance level of athletics in the Netherlands. These European Athletics Indoor Championships provide a springboard for Dutch athletic talent and, moreover, a podium for top athletes.

“We are extremely delighted and proud to welcome the European Indoor Athletics Championships in 2025 (EICH2025)! How cool is it to organize such a tournament in our own country, with and for TeamNL athletes. It will undoubtedly be a challenging task, but we definitely have the ambition to create an event that is surprising and spectacular for athletes, spectators, and the media, making a real difference in the sport,” said Pieke de Zwart, General Director of the Athletics Union.

Together with TIG Sports, significant strides have been made in the process leading up to EICH2025 over the past year. The allocation of this tournament is a meaningful endorsement of this collaboration and instills confidence for the future.

Moving people

With EICH2025, we aim not only to set a new standard in quality and experience but also to inspire people of all ages. In 2025, the Netherlands will host a four-day top sports festival (March 13 to 16, 2025) in a packed Omnisport, including various side events to engage the entire country in the excitement. ‘Moving People’ is our mission and motto. Local athletics clubs, the municipality of Apeldoorn, the Province of Gelderland, TIG Sports, and the Athletics Union believe in the societal power of sports and work closely together within this vision.

The tournament – and the journey leading up to it – provides the opportunity to bring athletics close to the people, turn innovative ideas into reality within the sport, and make a societal impact by encouraging and maintaining responsible physical activity. Through a comprehensive activation plan that engages various segments of society, we are launching initiatives that will retain their value long after the championships.

Gelderland invests in sports and physical activity. Top sports events and their side events play a significant role in this, contributing to economic and societal impact for the region. The province of Gelderland harnesses the power of top sports events to bring attention to themes such as sustainability and health.

“I am particularly proud that the European Athletics Indoor Championships will come to Gelderland in 2025, bringing a major sports event back to our province. Sport brings people together and ensures enjoyment,” said Deputy for Sport, Jan Markink. “With the Omnisport in Apeldoorn, we naturally have a fantastic venue to host such an event. We will ensure that with EICH2025, not only international elite sports but also grassroots sports get a beautiful stage. Together, we will make it a celebration for Gelderland.”

Municipality Apeldoorn

Apeldoorn once again becomes the host location for a top sports event. This aligns with the objective of getting more people involved in physical activity. After the successful organization of the start of the Giro d’Italia, the UCI Track Cycling World Championships, the Davis Cup, the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships, and the UCI BMX World Cup, the city eagerly anticipates EICH2025.

Councilor Peter Messerschmidt (present at the bid presentation): “Athletics is one of the core sports in our municipality. With vast forests, an outdoor athletics track, and Omnisport, Apeldoorn is a home for athletes at every level. EICH2025 provides an opportunity to achieve new goals, both in terms of sports and society. We eagerly seize the chance for the Netherlands, Gelderland, and Apeldoorn to host a fantastic sports event. With EICH2025, we add color to our city and bring societal attention to themes such as healthy nutrition and physical activity. Apeldoorn is getting ready for the arrival of European athletic heroes!”

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